World Mental Health Day

Books are wondrous chapels of escapism. They can transport us to realms far beyond the reaches of our own imagination. They introduce us to friends whom we’ll never meet but still love like family. They are never ending treasure troves of unexplored adventures. But they can also be the warm hug we need at the […]

Hello Me, it’s You

Last year, I was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety, after five years of battling it in silence. Since then, I’ve tried to be as open as possible about my mental health, because seeking help was the best thing I’ve ever done, and I know that if more of us talk about their struggles openly, the […]

5 Tips for Bookworms with Depression

If Depression were a character in a story, it would be the big bad villain you never see coming. The one your protagonist befriends, relies on, and trusts, until suddenly you’ve reached the big denouement, and it’s revealed that the long lost cousin they coincidentally bumped into fifteen chapters ago, has been stabbing them in […]