Tuesday Talks: Infuriating Characters

We’ve all got them: those characters that drive you stir-crazy with their actions. For me, it’s character who are very often too caught up in their feelings to pay attention to the action going on around them, and I have a fair few…:


in The 5th Wave
Oh boy. This character drove me mad by the end. The annoying thing is, I really loved her at first. That is right up until she runs into this guy she suddenly decides she has a crush on. She was this bad ass chick, fighting aliens, until she met him. It’s not even the crush that annoys me, it’s the way she suddenly becomes this femme fatale as a result. She can’t stop talking about her feelings, when she should be concentrating on saving her brother!


Senza in The Heartbeat Thief

Again, another character I kind of really liked at the beginning. She starts of being really independent and individual, determined not to be sold off to the highest bidder, and then she meets this dark Death figure who turns her into a weird not-quite-vampire immortal, and then just abandons her. Yet she spends her whole long life waiting for the briefest of moments when he might turn up for her again. I know it’s a new adult novel, and that genre very often revolves around these kind of relationships, but it still bugged me big time!


in Ready Player One

This character was the main reason I had issues with this book. He was, for want of a better term, your stereotypical white boy, focused entirely on himself that he doesn’t stop for a moment to consider what anyone else is doing. He was just really quite boring throughout most of the book, and then the ending. Well, I won’t spoil anything, but I had big issues with the ending, and most of them had to do with Wade.


in The Rosie Project

For me, Don is the Sheldon Cooper of the literacy world. A character who you’re meant to laugh at rather than empathise with, and for that I have a big issue with both him and this series as a whole. I know a lot of people who love this series, but honestly I don’t get it. I find it such an infuriating plot-line, only made worse by the way in which Don is written. It just frustrated me to no end.


in Sharp Objects

I read this with the intention of reading Gone Girl afterwards, but I never got to Gone Girl, because I despised this book so much. Again, like The Rosie Project, I know a lot of people who love this book, but I for one just really didn’t enjoy reading it one bit, mostly because, even though she’s a realistic character, Camille is incredibly depressing. There was just no joy that came from reading this book whatsoever; it was just incredibly dispiriting.


Alina/The Darkling
in The Grisha Trilogy

This is going to be another controversial opinion, but I initially loved Alina, because she seemed like such a fascinating character, and I thought Leigh’s world-building was fab, so I began devouring this series. Until I reached the part where The Darkling and Alina start to grow close, and then I wanted to chuck it out the window. I just do not get why people like The Darkling, and want them to get together. He is a nasty piece of work, to put it lightly, and she treats him like he’s barely done anything wrong, when he basically enslaved her. It’s just…gross.


Tuesday Talks is a weekly discussion topic organised by Janie at Bookworm’s Buddy.


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