REVIEW: F*ck This Journal: Betterness through Bitterness – Dale Shaw

fuckthisjournal‘You can find inspiration anywhere! Even by simply writing the word ‘inspiration’. Why don’t you fill up the rest of this page by writing the word ‘inspiration’ as many times as you can! You’ll be amazed how inspired you’ll become!’

F*ck This Journal is, as it sounds, the antithesis of creative journals like Wreck This Journal, parodying the current trend of ‘do it yourself’ books with sarcastic and dark humour.


Over the past few years there has been a trend of books being published that encourage you to stick leaves in them or paint their pages with your toes, and I will admit I own a few of them, namely the aforementioned Wreck This Journal and the spin-off for travellers, Wreck This Journal Everywhere; they’re quirky and harmless and fill time here and there when you’ve nothing better to do.

So I have nothing against them, but even I will acknowledge that, ever since the success of Keri Smith’s books, they have become a bit of a fad, and it is in this frame of mind that F*ck This Journal was clearly conceived. Overflowing with sarcastic remarks sending up creative journals in every way possible, this book encourages you to do everything Wreck This Journal doesn’t.

It’s an interesting idea, and I can see why Dale Shaw was inspired to write it, but, honestly, it just comes across as a pointless and angry diatribe that is neither funny or enjoyable to read.

Obviously, that’s the point. It’s highlighting how, in the grand scheme of things, everything you do in creative journals is ultimately futile, which is true, but as with a lot of things that are created out of criticism, there seems even less point to this book than the very books it’s sending up.

I’ve read other parody books in the past, and have enjoyed them, but the difference with them was that they were actually funny. This just comes across as out of touch, and maybe I’m being cynical here, but it seems like a really lame way of cashing in on the very fad it’s criticising.

Yes, the creative journal fad has gone overboard, but at least they make some people happy, even if only for five minutes. This is just a waste of paper and ink.


(The half star was gained out of agreement that the fad has gone too far, nothing else)


I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review. (Think I was honest enough?)


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