#YA Shot Readathon: TBR


On October 28th, YA Shot, a day-long festival celebrating Young Adult and Middle-Grade literature, is taking place in Uxbridge, to kick off Hillingdon Libraries’ year-long calendar of events encouraging young people to develop a passion for reading and writing.

Over the past few months I have been reading and reviewing a whole host of books written by authors attending the festival, which you can check out here, and as Michelle over at Fluttering Butterflies, is running a readathon during the month leading up to the event, I thought I would continue to indulge in the YA Shot awesomeness by taking part!

I am however not going to be officially taking part until the 4th October, as I am currently preparing for something that will be going live on my channel on the 3rd, but come October 4th, these are the books I will be reading:

The Secret Fire – CJ Daugherty & Carina Rozenfeld


I totally judged this book by the cover when I bought it, but ever since I did, I have heard nothing but great things!
More info here!

The Next Together – Lauren Jamesthenexttogether

Somehow, the whole time-travel historical romance fiction genre has rather passed me by, but I’m really excited for this one. Again, have heard nothing but rave reviews, and it’s really intriguing me. Another beautiful cover!
More info here!

Seed – Lisa Heathfield

For some reason, as soon as I heard the title of this I was intrigued. It’s essentially about a girl who becomes embroiled in a cult, and sounds really fascinating!
More info here!

Crow Moon – Anna McKerrow

I feel like books about magic and witches have rather got pushed aside over the past few years, perhaps publishers decided they didn’t want to publish books that would be compared with Harry Potter. Whatever it was, I’m glad to see Crow Moon is bringing witches back into the realms of UK YA.
More info here!

Monster – CJ Skuse

I have been on on such a horror kick of late. I am loving this current surge in YA Horror titles, and cannot wait to check Monster out, because it sounds like such a creepy book, and if ever a book was going to be filled with jump-scares, I have a feeling it would be this one!
More info here!

The Ship – Antonia Honeywell
I love dystopian YA. It’s by far my favourite genre these days, and I particularly love dystopian Londons. This is reason alone for me to be excited about The Ship, but reviews have been brilliant as well.
More info here!

House of Windows – Alexia Casale

I loved Alexia’s The Bone Dragon, reminds me a lot of Jacqueline Wilson, in that she writes children’s fiction in such an honest and adult way. So I cannot wait to read House of Windows.
More info here!

So that’s my official TBR, I will probably add more to it as the month goes on, because there are numerous others I want to read before October 28th as well, but for now, that’s a pretty exciting TBR, don’t you think?

YA Shot is taking place on October 28th in Uxbridge, England. Visit the website for tickets and more information.


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