The Spinster Book Club


Last month I read Holly Bourne’s fantastic new book, Am I Normal Yet? and ever since I finished it I have been mulling over the idea of starting a Spinster Club.

If you have yet to read this fantastic work of feminist fiction, let me explain what a Spinster Club is; essentially it is a club that discusses topics important to the feminist movement. For example, in the book, Evie, Lottie, and Amber, tackle subjects such as periods and mental health, in an attempt to overcome the taboo of discussing them.

I thought this was such a fantastic idea that I immediately wanted to join a Spinster Club myself. As a bookworm, however, I am always looking for ways to incorporate reading into my life, and thus The Spinster Book Club was born.

The book club follows the same ethos as a regular Spinster Club; discussing topics important to feminism, and emphasising the importance of supporting the sisterhood, but we do so through books. Every month we select two books which fall into at least one of three categories: a book written by a female author, a book with dynamic female characters, and/or a book with a focus on feminist issues. We then discuss them in the same way any book club would, but with a particular focus on the book’s feminist issues.

Our first book is, rather unsurprisingly, Am I Normal Yet?, and discussions have already started, so if you have read the book, head here to join in. If you haven’t read it yet, this is your chance! We are currently in the process of selecting the two books we will be reading in October, and based on the suggestions so far, it’s going to be a good month of reading!

I want to stress that you don’t have to have read Am I Normal Yet? to join this book club, but if you think this is the book club for you, then I cannot stress enough how much I think you should read it, because I have no doubts you’ll love it as much as we all did!



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