REVIEW: Pride and Prejudice, The Graphic Novel – Jane Austen, Laurence Sach, Rajesh Nagulakonda


In Hertfordshire, England, Netherfield Park is let at last and the local inhabitants can’t stop talking about it’s new occupant, Charles Bingley, and his five thousand a year. His arrival brings much excitement to the Bennet household and will spawn one of the greatest love stories ever told.


Like many others, I am a great fan of, arguably, Jane Austen’s best novel, Pride and Prejudice, and thanks to Laurence Sach, Rajesh Nagulakonda, and Campfire Comics, the story is brought to life in a whole new way in this graphic novel adaptation.

It is an interesting concept, taking such a classic novel and adapting it for such a modern style of literature, but, while I firmly believe it could work really well, I don’t believe this version is the best example.

Where this work’s downfall lies is in Sach’s script, which reduces some of Austen’s best writing to it’s most basic form. The story is all there, the characters too, just as we know them, but the text is at times so shockingly bad that even the great love story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy cannot save it.

On the odd occasion, Sach’s writing thankfully gives way to Austen’s and in these moments it is an enjoyable read, but it far too quickly reverts back to insipid mush and any enjoyment soon fades away.

Likewise, the artwork is mediocre. The backgrounds and landscapes are lovely and, of all the elements to this graphic novel, those drawings do at least scream Austen, but the character portraits are fairly poor and there were many occasions where I actually struggled to identify who was whom in the pictures.

All in all, this was pretty terrible. I love this story and it’s characters, but this retelling is poor at best and I was just left thoroughly disappointed.


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