REVIEW: Thor, Vol 1: Goddess of Thunder – Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman


Mjolnir will not move. No matter how hard he tries, Thor finds himself no longer worthy of wielding the hammer. Enter the Goddess of Thunder, able to wield the almighty weapon, defeat all-powerful beings and protect Midgard. But who is this new Thor?


I went into this with some trepidation. Despite hearing great things, I have not often been overwhelmed by Marvel’s handling of female superheroes. I have never been so glad to be wrong.

Goddess of Thunder is everything I wanted her to be and more. Her inner monologue is hilarious and had me cracking up constantly, and I am so glad to see that she is as strong as her male counterpart.

She is not portrayed in any overtly sexual way, as, too frequently, female comic book superheroes are, and aside from comments that brilliantly brush off ignorant enemies who expect her to fail miserably, her gender is entirely unimportant to the plot.

The plot itself is great, very action-packed, but I particularly loved the scenes with Freyja, who perfectly counteracts the brutish, loud-mouth actions of Odin, with her calm and sensible demeanour.

There is also a particularly brilliant scene that tackles head on those who questioned Aaron’s decision to write a female Thor.

In short, this is a must-read for anyone who, like me, is always looking for female superheroes to be represented as well as the men.


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