REVIEW: Ruin and Rising – Leigh Bardugo

This is the third and final book in The Grisha Trilogy. 

My review for Book I, Shadow and Bone, can be found here

My review for Book II, Siege and Storm, can be found here.

There are no others like us. There never will be

The Darkling is on the throne, Nikolai is missing and The Sun Summoner finds herself imprisoned by those who call her Saint. In this, the concluding part of Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Series, Alina, Mal and the remaining survivors have a fight on their hands if they are ever to stop The Darkling from furthering The Shadow Fold, escape the clutches of the overbearing Apparat, and find the mysterious third amplifier.

While Siege and Storm faltered somewhat on structure and pace, Ruin and Rising throws you right into the mix from the first page, and there is no letting up, as Bardugo barely lets you draw breath before unleashing the next twist in the tale.

Of the three, this book one was by far my favourite and felt like a good well-rounded ending to the series. That said, there were moments that felt slightly cliche, and the relationship between Alina and Mal failed at times to get away from the rather stereotypical YA love story.

Overall, however, I did find the entire series a very enjoyable read, but personally feel it fell short and needed one or two more plot arcs to fill in the moments when it felt like the story was simply plodding along.

In spite of that though, I am looking forward eagerly to seeing where Bardugo takes this world next in The Dregs, a two-part series set in the same world, with the first book due for publication in 2015.


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