Welcome to Something Like Lydia, my virtual book haven.

Before we continue, please grab yourself a bean bag and make yourself comfortable. (NB: If, like me, you find bean bags entirely uncomfortable, grab yourself a super comfy normal person chair, I won’t judge you for it.)

Ready? Let’s go!

Once upon a time there was a girl who owned too many books. This is, of course, an impossibility as nobody can own too many books, but she did own, I think it is fair to say, a rather substantial number of them.

Every day she would sit down on her super comfy normal person chair and go on adventures without ever leaving the safety of her own home.

One day, while on one of these adventures, she found her mind wandering away from the small, hairy-footed, creature attempting to throw a rather delightful piece of jewellery into a very inconveniently located volcano, and began wondering what it would be like to share her adventures with others.

So she began writing…

 …and this is what she wrote…

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